Lakatamia Municipality



Municipal Amphitheater

The Municipal Amphitheater was the first major project that was decided and designed when Lakatamia became a Municipality.

It was inaugurated in 1994 and it has a capacity of 2000 spectators. Since then, the amphitheatre is being used as a cultural center especially during the summer months.

Theatrical performances, concerts, musical events, film projections, and various activities bring thousands of residents in the amphitheatre offering, appart from the spiritual nourishment the pleasure of togetherness.

Municipal Gallery

Beneath the amphitheater (with a wonderful use of space) is the Municipal Gallery, which is operating since 1996.

Equipped with all the facilities necessary for the needs of various events, the gallery is offered for:

  • Painting, Sculpturing and
  • Photography exhibitions
  • Other functions

Photographic exhibitions and competitions of the Photographic Club of the municipality are also organized in the Gallery.

Municipal Stadium & Municipal Swimming Pool

The development of a modern athletics center, that would offer the citizens of Lakatamia the opportunity to exercise, was the Municipality’s second priority. The Municipal Athletic Center, includes a stadium and a swimming pool.

The Municipal Stadium, which was established in 2000 includes, among other facilities, a football field, tracks, and installations for classical sports and other athletic events.

The Municipal Swimming Pool was established in 2001. It hosts thousands of swimmers who can enjoy the water in a clean, cool and pleasant environment. The Municipal Swimming pool has 3 pools, one of which is made with Olympic standards.

Health Care

The construction and operation of the Health Center is a result of long period efforts from the Municipal Council. Lakatamia’s Health Centre provides first degree medical care.

For more information you can call at: 22372831

Multipurpose Center

The Multidynamic Centre is located next to the Health Centre. It offers infrastructures for the daily care and productive occupation of the elderly.
Since the first year of its operation the Centre attracted the interest of more than 150 old people, who choose from a variety of programs which include different activities, like dance, art,
gardening and physical activities. Elderly from all over Lakatamia find, at the Multidynamic centre, a place where they can socialize and remain useful and productive.

In October of 2007, three children’ clubs were introduced, with pedagogical personnel and instructors. This program is co-financed by European Social Fund of the Structural Funds of the European Union and the Government of Cyprus.

For more information on the Programs of the Multidynamic Cenre you can call at: 22443747


In an attempt to solve the serious traffic problems new roads, walkways and sidewalks were made. Two footbridges over the Pedieos River were also constructed to facilitate movement to and from the schools nearby.

Pedestrian / Bicycle Road

The Municipality applies great effort, in order to maintain existing and create new parks and green spaces. Two important projects that in Lakatamia are the Pedieos Linear Park River with 2 km long pedestrian / bike trails and the Park of Saint George, which is located next to Lakatamia Municipal Amphitheater.

Path for Pedestrians with dogs

Since March 1st, 2008 the first phase of the road for the pedestrians who have pets was given to the public. The new path is next to the Pedestrian and cycling path along Pedieos River. It is 3,500 meters long and is differentiated from the other two paths with special signs.