Lakatamia Municipality



Members of The Municipal Council

According to the results of the voting that took place on December 18th 2016, and according to the Municipal Law, the new Mayor and the twenty-two member Municipal Council of Lakatamia, elected for a period of 5 years (2017-2021) is the following:

Photoula Hadjipapa - Mayor
Thomas Thoma
Petros Koulermos
Nicos Hadjipetrou
Katerina Liasi
Christos Zakcheos
Costas Vasiliou
Loukas Eleftheriou
Ioannis Kattirtziis
Sokratis Ioakim
Apostolos Iatrou
Alkis Alkiviades
Artemis Aresti Christou
Prodromos Tsouloupas
Alexandros Charalambous
George Christoforou
Andri Michalia
Ioannis Aggeli
Simeon Simeou
Demetris Demetriou
Vasos Vasiliou
Andreas Michael
Loizos Demetriou
Municipal Committees

According to the Municipal Law the Municipal council has appointed the following Committees made up of Council Members. These Committees examine different matters and prepare proposals which are then discussed at the plenary sessions of the Municipal Council, which is the decision making body:

  1. Management Committee
  2. Technical Committee
  3. Water Supply Committee
  4. Health and Cleanliness Committee
  5. Drainage / Environment / Green Committee
  6. Culture and Folklore Heritage Committee
  7. Social Providence and Refugees Committee
  8. Personnel Committee
  9. Sports Committee
  10. European Matters Committee
  11. Audit Committee
  12. Workers Committee
  13. Development Committee

According to the Public Procurement Law the Municipal Council acts also as a Tender Council and under the same Law it has appointed a Tender Committee.